General Rules

Leave the space in the same condition that it was before you used it.

If you plan to bring in your own lights or lighting crews, there is an additional charge of $50 per hour.

No excessive stomping on the floors. This is an older building with sprinkler systems on the ceiling of the floor below us.

The overtime fee is 2x the regular hourly rate. Please be on time and leave on time. Whatever time you book for is the time you are expected to be in and out of the facility. You are allowed to be here up to 10 minutes before your shoot starts and if you are on-premise 10 minutes after your time has ended, you will be charged a full overtime hour.

If there are more than 8 people present, you will have to pay the event rate of $200 per hour – no more than 10 people allowed. If 11+ people show up, you will automatically be charged $1,000 and asked to leave.

Absolutely no smoking marijuana (or cigarettes) and no alcohol in or in front of the studio - If anyone is seen smoking or drinking in the premises, you will automatically be charged $1,000 and you will be asked to leave.